3M Heat Shrink Products

Count on 3M for tough reliable heat shrink products in a wide assortment of types, sizes and packaging. 3M heat shrink tubing comes in large spools, assortment kits, cut-piece bags and 4-foot sticks. It provides reliable protection in construction, maintenance and industrial applications.

3M IMCSN and ITCSN – Cable Tubing for 1kV
3M FP-301 Thin Wall Tubing
3M BBI / Bus Bar Tubing – 600V to 35kV
3M EPS-300 and MW Adhesive Lined Tubing

3M Heat Shrink Catalog (pdf 1920Kb)
Military Specification to 3M Heat Shrink Tubing (pdf 13.4Kb)

3M IMCSN and ITCSN – Cable Tubing for 1kV
  • Adhesive lined for moisture protection
  • IMCSN – medium wall for greater cable management
  • ITCSN – tough rigid heavy wall listed to UL 486D

3M FP-301 Thin Wall Tubing

  • General purpose insulation for wire & harness splicing, covering, marking, and bundling
  • Many sizes and colors
  • UL, CSA and MIL Applications

3M FP-301 is a heat shrinkable flexible polyolefin tubing that offers an outstanding balance of electrical, physical and chemical properties for a wide variety of industrial and military applications.  Rated for 275F (135C) continuous operation.  FP-301 tubing is typically used as shrink-fit electrical insulation over cable splices and terminations.  It is also used for lightweight wire harness covering, wire marking, wire bundling, component packaging and fire resistant covering.

FP-301 clear tubing provides excellent visibility for component packing.  All FP-301 tubing is split resistant, mechanically tough, easily marked and resists cold flow.

FP-301 is available in black, white, red, blue, yellow, and clear in the standard lengths.

3M BBI / Bus Bar Tubing – 600V to 35kV
  • High Split resistance
  • Fits rectangular, square, and round bus bars
  • Meets ANSI / IEEE standards
  • Track resistant polyolefin

3M EPS-300 and MW Adhesive Lined Tubing

  • Insulation and moisture resistance for protection of cable connections in outdoor, automotive, marine, and industrial applications

  • EPS-300 – flexible for greater wire management

  • MW Tough / semi-rigid for added resistance to abrasion; strain relief for delicate wire connections

3M EPS 300 Tubing is a thin wall tubing offering the advantages of integral, dual wall construction.  The tubing is made from flame-retardant, flexible polyolefin lined with an internal layer of special thermoplastic adhesive.  The heat shrinkable outer wall is selectively radiation cross-linked, while the adhesive maintains high flow and excellent adhesion characteristics.   3M EPS 300 is an environmental protection sleeve and insulation.  It offers superb environmental protection for electronic components, twisted pigtail and inline wire splices, crimp splices, wire bundles and wire harness breakouts in automotive, truck fleet, marine and industrial applications.

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