3M Solder Splice Kit

No Longer Available
New Product Replacement - Elektralink™ Sealed Solder Connectors

SSC-050x Kit

Solder, Insulate, and Seal Multiple Wires

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  • No crimping required; only the (included in the kit) small butane torch is needed
  • Creates a strong connection; pull out strength: 125 lbs. typical
  • Meets ABYC requirements for moisture resistance and pull-out strength. ABS approved

The 3M™Solder Splice Connector (SSC) represents a breakthrough in wire splicing technology.  In on easy step, multiple wires can be soldered, insulated and sealed.  This system does not require a crimp tool, just a standard heat gun designed for solder-type connectors. Best of all, the 3M™ Solder Splice Connector can be designed into wire harness production at a lower installed cost than competitive methods.  SSC comes in four sizes and three product types.

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SSC-050x Kit consists of an assrtment of these connectors and one Master® Appliance Microtorch MT-10 with refillable butane fuel cell.  Each box is 7 x 11 x 1 7/8 inch (177.7 x 279.3 x 47.6 mm), made of rugged heavy duty clear plastic.  For environments where no electricity is available, but you need to make a strong, reliable solder connections, this kit is ideal- field installation and repair of outdoor electrical equipment where protection from moisture is critical.  This kit provides convenience and a good selection of solder splice connector sizes to engineers and designers for installation or repair projects and product development programs.

Ideal for a variety of applications. The 3M™ Solder Splice Connector is ideal for harness fabrication in a variety of industries:

    • Aerospace/Military
    • Appliance
    • Automotive
    • Marine
    • Municipalities
    • Outdoor electrical wiring

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SSC-050x Kit Includes:
  • 10 - SSC0501
    Red Solder Splice Connector
  • 10 - SSC0502
    Blue Solder Splice Connector
  • 10 - SSC0503
    Yellow Solder Splice Connector
  • 1 - Master® Appliance Microtorch
  • 1 - Rugged Plastic Storage Case

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