AEG Component Controls
  • 16 Amp Resistive (UL)
    AC-1 (16 Amp 600 Volt)
  • Mechanical Life Operations - 10,000,000
  • Maximum HP Ratings: 3 Phase / 460 V / 3HP CE
  • Pressure wire Terminals
  • Spade (Plug-On)
  • PC Board (Pin Terminals)
  • Low Coil Burden 1.2 Watt
  • 15 Amp Inductive (UL)
    AC-1 (20 Amp 600 Volt)
  • Mechanical Life Operations 10,000,000
  • Maximum HP Ratings: 3 Phase / 460 V / 5HP
  • CE, UL, IEC, S+, BS, VDE, CSA
  • Ambient Temperature Compensated
  • Three Pole Plug-on Separate Mount
  • Differential Single Phasing Protection
  • M1 - General Purpose
  • M12 - dust Tight
  • 4X - Non-Metalic
  • Water & Dust Tight
Type LS05 - B05 Mini Contactor System - 20 Amp General Purpose
AEG LS05 Mini Starter


AEG LS05  Mini Contactor



AEG B05 Overload Relay

Type XLS05 Starter
with Auxiliary Contacts
Type LS05 Contactor
Type B05 Overload Relay
Type SH05 Mini Relay - Positive Guided - 16 Amp - For Safety Circuits
AEG SH05 Positive Guided Mini Relays

Type SH05 Mini Relays are ideal for Auxiliary wiring and remote control schemes. Taking as little as 2 Watts pick up, the 24 Volt DC Mini Relay and Mini Contactor LS07 are ideal for operation of most electronic control systems as an interface relay.

Mini Relay SH05 os certified as "Positive Guided Design" per the IEC 947-5 standard and are independent test laboratory Certified.

LS05 - HS05 - Accessories
AEG LS05 Timer
AEG LS05 Jumper
AEG LS05 Surge Surpressor
AEG HS05 Side Mount Auxiliary
AEG HS05 Top Mount Auxiliary
AEG LS05 Replacement Coils
Surge Suppressors
Side Mount
Top Mount
Type LS07 SH04 - B05 Mini Contactor System
AEG LS07 Mini Contactor
AEG XLS07 Mini Starter
AEG SH04 Positive Guided Mini Relay
AEG B05 Overload Relay
LS07 Positive Guided
Mini Contactor
XLS07 Positive Guided
Mini Starter
Type SH04 Positive Guided
Mini Relay
Type B05 Overload Relay


  • Mini Contactor Type LS07, designed for motor control, and distinct small size. As such, they are recommended for space saving in industrial control, electronic control and distribution systems.
  • The Type LS07 Mini Contactor has been proven dependable on both three phase and single phase systems when controlling motor loads.
  • LS07 is particularly recommended for metal and woodworking machines, for textile and construction machinery and other commercial and industrial applications.
  • Other loads for mini-contactors are resistive, such as heating and lighting circuits, or inductive loads represented by solenoid valves and clutch couplings.

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