EZ-RJ45® Crimp Tool


This high quality crimp tool is designed to quickly crimp and cut the wires of the EZ-RJ45® and new EZ-RJ45® CAT6+ Connectors... in one eaxy simple operation! Will also work on most other RJ-11, RJ-12 and RJ-45 connectors.

  • Precision ground crimp dies.
  • Straight action cut and crimp performs the best crimp.
  • Full Cycle ratcheting mechanism provides consistent terminations every time.
  • Crimps and cuts the wire in one cycle.
  • Built-in wire cutter and stripper.
  • High strenth, long life steel frame.
  • Rust resistant black oxide coating.
  • Superior quality at an economical price.


  • Crimps and trims wire on the EZ-RJ45® or EZ-RJ45® CAT6+ in one cycle.
  • Works with most other RJ-11, RJ-12 and RJ-45 connectors.
  • Built-in wire cutter and stripper.

Product Number
EZ-RJ45 Crimp Tool
Replacement cutting blade for EZ-RJ45® crimp tool
(Package of 2 blades)

EZ-RJ45 Pro Crimper
EZ-RJ45 Crimper Kits
EZ-RJ45 Modular Connectors

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