Velcro CableHanger

Introducing a brand new solution
for suspending your cable woes

The patented design locks the CableHanger firmly onto a vertical post. An extra heavy duty 50 lb. nylon tie is supplied to lock it in place. The CableHangers are easily released and retied, so adding, subtracting and replacing cables is a snap. Hook and Loop fasteners are gentle and will preserve the integrity of structured cabling and Fiber Optics.

  • "Soft Hold" of Hook & Loop instead of plastic wire ties.
  • Attaches permanently to a vertical post and then wraps around the cable bundle. Keep grouped runs segregated from each other.
  • Available in 14 colors and several sizes.
  • Perfect for use in computer room subfloors.

The new CableHanger from Rip-Tie lets you suspend cords and cables from vertical posts-under floors, or inside walls.  Our patented design locks the CableHanger firmly onto posts and the Velcro strap can be used over and over again.

Damaged data cables are a thing of the past.

Rip-Tie developed the CableHanger to help large networks organize their fragile computer cables under floors. Now you can use the same technology to protect your fragile high speed data cables by suspending away from possible danger without crimping or accidental cutting.

The Rip-Tie CableHanger grows with you.

Rip-Tie's CableHanger was developed with industrial uses in mind and we've built it tough and strong to last for years.  Because it's permanent and reusable.  CableHanger changes as you change.

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