Velcro Econo Series
Four Econo Series Cable Organizers at Budget Prices!
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Sewn, NOT Heat Bonded
  • Gentle Hold Hook and Loop
  • Available in Black

EconoWrap is designed for organizing cables and cords for the professional and home user. Rip-Tie's economical design features a die cut rounded end to make it a snap to loosen.

EconoCatch organizes cables against many surfaces. The rubber base adhesive allows for attachment to desks, walls, computers and many other kinds of equipment.

EconoCinch has many uses; bundling cables, hoses and strapping equipment to desks or carts. The loop lock acts like a pulley, giving you leverage to pull the strap as tight as needed. The non-metallic buckle is save to use around electrical and magnetic equipment.

EconoCinch-EG has a solid brass grommet with an ID of 1/4". It can be attached with a metal fastener to walls, carts, equipment racks and van interiors.

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