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People are inventing new applications for VelcroŽ products all the time. Rip-Tie is one of the largest suppliers of VelcroŽ fastening systems with the biggest variety of stock, Rip-Tie is one-stop shopping for all your hook and loop needs. Whether you need something simple like a watchband, or more industrial like 400 rolls of VelcroŽ fabric custom cut and packaged, we have it!


Our representatives understand VelcroŽ Products.

In addition to selling VelcroŽ fastening systems, Rip-Tie also designs and engineers their own popular line of products made with VelcroŽ brand hook and loop. Rip-Tie CableWrap, CableCatch, CinchStrap, Rip-Tie Lite, and CableHanger have revolutionized cable organization. And their always coming up with new innovations using VelcroŽ brand fasteners. That means that Rip-Tie knows their stuff. We can help you find the best solution and supply the right products for the job in any quantity you can imagine - by the inch, yard, or mile! Rip-Tie even does custom manufacturing to help you realize your own Rip-Tie dream.

Fastest delivery on most special orders.

If we don't have what you need in stock, we'll expedite delivery on your order. Because we receive shipments daily, we have the fastest delivery anywhere.

Hook and Loop Color Chart

Pressure Sensitive VelcroŽ Tape has an acrylic-based sticky backing for best adhesion to the widest range of surfaces. Use it to permanently affix a strip of VelcroŽ Hook or Loop to walls, doors, shelves, or anything else you can think of.

We distribute prepackaged matching lengths of Hook and Loop Pressure Sensitive Tape in an assortment of colors.

We also sell bulk quantities of Pressure Sensitive Tape by the foot and by the roll.
Rolls of Hook and Loop Tape are sold separately.

3/8" 25 yards
1/2" 25 yards
5/8" 25 yards
3/4" 25 yards
1" 25 yards
1" x 1" Scored 25 yards
1.5" 25 yards
2" 25 yards
4" 25 yards

Like Pressure Sensitive Tape, VelcoinŽ Fasteners have sticky backings that can adhere to most hard surfaces. Use them to affix objects to shelves, doors, or other objects. Try using VelcoinŽ Fasteners to attach clipboards to convenient wall locations!

3/.8" 25 yards 1,800 24
1/2" 25 yards 1,440 19
5/8" 25 yards 1,220 16
3/4" 25 yards 1,028 13
7/8" 25 yards 900 12
1 3/8" 25 yards 600 8
1 7/8" 25 yards 450 6

We sell bulk VelcroŽ tape by the foot and by the roll, in a wide assortment of sizes and colors. Like our other bulk VelcroŽ products, rolls of Hook and Loop are sold separately, so you can order exactly what you need for the job at hand.
3/8" 25 yards
5/8" 50 yards
3/4" 50 yards
1" 50 yards
1-1/2" 50 yards
2" 50 yards

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