• Industry
  • Public utilities
  • Multi motor panels
  • Electronic instrumentation
  • Low voltage panel boards


  • IEC 60439-1
  • IEC 60529
  • EN 60439-1
  • EN 60529
  • EN 50298
  • DIN VDE 0660 - Teil 500
  • BS 5486 Part 1
  • The range consists of five boxes based on a 100 mm module.
  • The innovative coupling concept allows easy, rapid assembly of any combination of units without the need for tools.
  • The open bases offer excellent accessibility and wiring space for installation, mounting and cable connection, even after coupling.
  • The side panel openings can be closed by either blind or combi end plates. Once mounted, end plates fit perfectly flush with the side panels of the base.
  • Each large box is a multiple of a smaller one. Its fixing points in increments of 25 mm in bottom plate and top end are also a multiple of those of a small box.
  • The base and end plates are made of light grey (RAL 7035) glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate. The cover is made of either transparent or opaque light grey (RAL 7035) polycarbonate.
  • A multiple of accessories like mounting plates, cover plates, depth extension frame, ... makes the VMS a complete system for electrical distribution and control applications.
  • VMS boxes are halogen-free, corrosion resistant and require no maintenance.
  • VMS boxes provide optimum security to both operations and equipment because they feature total insulation Total insulation and protection degree IP65 according to IEC 60529 and EN 60529.
  • This protection covers the total volume of the enclosure according to EN 50298.
  • Single boxes: types 2, 3, 3R, 3S, 5, 12 and 12K
  • Modular system: types 2, 3, 3R, 3S, 5, 12 and 12K
  • Modular system using 853063: types 2 and 3R
  • Boxes with internal hinged cover: types 2, 5, 12 and 12K
  • Boxes with external hinges: type 2

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