• Easy "two" position snap action mounting
  • Easy field installed auxiliaries
  • Easy wire fixing, finger safe terminals
  • Protection degree IP20
  • Posi-drive, Philips, and Slotted head screw terminals
  • Pin type, fork type as well as hard wire connection ability
  • Terminal torque to 4.5 Nm. (E90S-E90S-UC


• The Technical Design
Elfa miniature circuit breakers were designed for high-quality electrical installations featuring high capacity, reliability and protection of man and property, pointing the way for the future.
• Your Advantage
Comprehensive assortment of miniature circuit breakers for all practical applications.

• The Current Ratings
Elfa miniature circuit breakers with current ratings from 0.5A to 125A of uniform design protect all usual circuits in residential and industrial buildings and in switchboards.
• Your Advantage
The uniform miniature circuit breaker series is also suitable for copper conductor cross-sections #18-4 AWG.

• The Tripping Characteristics
Elfa miniature circuit breakers are "Europa breakers" with the uniform tripping characteristics B, C, and D standardized for the future, and the test marks of all European testing stations.  B, C and D are recognized per UL 1077, as supplementary protectors, (347/600 Volt max).
• Your Advantage
Elfa miniature circuit breakers with international test marks also perform extreme protection duties in installation technology.

• The Current Limitation
Elfa miniature circuit breakers in the event of a fault limit the short-circuit power to less than 50% of the values permitted by most international testing stations.
• Your Advantage
Increased protection of electrical equipment allows supplementary thermal fuses to be omitted.

• The Switching Capacity
Elfa miniature circuit breakers have switching capacity of 6kA (E80) or 10kA (E80S) according to DIN VDE 0641 or EN 60 868. In accordance with Europa Standard EN 60 898 Elfa miniature circuit breakers have a switching capacity of up to 25kA at some current ratings.

• The Modular Equipment Program
Elfa miniature circuit breakers can be combined with residual-current trips, remote-control drives and auxiliary contacts. As variants they are also intended for direct-current systems, marine construction and railway engineering as well as for plants at increased ambient temperatures.
• Your Advantage
Using the complete delivery program widely different duties can be rationally and economically performed by compact equipment combinations. supplementary elements can be fitted on later.

• The Remote-Control Facility
Elfa miniature circuit breakers up to 63 A current rating with remote-control drive can be switched on and off over distances by press of a button.
• Your Advantage
Elfa miniature circuit breakers do not have to be mounted within hand reach.

• The Input Terminal
The large-size input box terminal is open as delivered ad permits both the connection of conductors up to #2 AWG and simultaneously busbar connection. Elfa miniature circuit breakers of more than 63 A current rating can even clamp conductors up to #2/0 AWG
• Your Advantage
Elfa miniature circuit breakers save supplementary terminals and reduce installation cost.

• The Output Terminal
Elfa miniature circuit breakers have box terminals that are safe to the touch and open as delivered for conductor cross-sections of at least #18-4 AWG.
• Your Advantage
Short installation times and simple wiring of multistrand conductors.

• The Protective Cover
Elfa miniature circuit breakers rated up to 63 A can be provided with protective covers on the input terminal, thus providing protection against physical contact in accordance with the relevant standards.

• The Operating Toggle
Elfa miniature circuit breakers have color coded switch position indicators. If the green marking is visible, the switch contacts are open, if the red marking is visible, the switch contacts are closed.


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