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Category 3

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The BTI Advantage
  1. High safety level 3 and 4 without separate safety modules
    • Simple - No complicated control module, engineering and wiring
    • Convenient - Wide misalignment Up to 12mm
    • Economical - Labor Savings / Cost Savings / Space Savings (No Safety Modules)
  2. LED Indicator
    • Yellow = Door Closed / Off = Door Open
  3. High Pressure - Waterproof
    • NEMA 4X, IP 67 / Food Processing
  4. Convenient "L" shaped mounting brackets
  5. Up to 30 switches "Daisy Chained" to one safety module
    1. Anti-tamper electronic decoding system
    2. Some BTI switches have optional multiple coding (most competitor's switches all share the same magnet actuator)
  6. 50 times higher operation endurance than most all mechanical interlocks
  7. Stainless steel versions
  8. Quick connect option
Solid State Technology - Benefits
  1. High Misalignment Distances
  2. Very Simple to Install and Wire
  3. Acceptable for Sliding doors
  4. Waterproof, unafected by Food and Water
  5. Vibration Resistance
  6. Shock Resistance
  7. Anti-Tamper Coding System
  8. High Heat Resistance Up to 230°F (TRITHON)
  9. Non-Contact - Long Life Up to 100 Million Operations
Special Version / Additional Features
  • Level 1, 3 or 4 Stand Alone Switch
  • Door Holding magnet Version (Epinus)
  • Stanless Steel for Food, Pharmacutical Industries
  • NOT REQUIRED - Separate, Complicated, Expensive Safety Module

BTI has patented a non-contact, electronic process-coded safety interlock system that provides the highest security and levels of safety possible.

BTI's solid state switches have no moving parts.

Mechanical interlock switches and magnet reed switch interlocks moving parts may stick or wear out, or become damaged from misalignment.

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