Elyssa / Closed Circuit Television Products

"Turn a computer into a full featured digital video security system"

Replace outdated time lapse recorders with state of the art digital computer storage.
Digital recording on a computer hard drive.

Model EDV-004
Digital Video 4-Channel Digital Recording Card

Model EDV-009
Digital Video 9-Channel Digital Recording Card

Model EDV-016
Digital Video 16-Channel Digital Recording Card

SUPPORTS: WINDOWS 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP

DigiVue brings the ease and convenience of digital storage and management to video observation. Four, nine, and sixteen channel models with remote monitoring capability provide flexibility of configuration and permit tailoring of the system to the particular needs of the customer. 

Recommended System Requirements:
Pentium III/550 or above, 128M RAM or above, & 32M AGP video card or above. 

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium II/266 or above, 64M RAM or above, & 8M video card or above.

Key Benefits:

  • Image Enhancement
  • Virtual VCR Functions
    • Easy on-screen menus VCR Play, Record, Fast Forward, & Rewind
  • Digital Freeze Frame and Zoom
  • Instant Image Access 
    • Rapid retrieval of stored images is immediately available by simply selecting camera name, date, & time
  • Time Management Through Scheduled Recording
    • Schedule recording when you want it.
  • "Live Video" Virtual Monitor Views 1-16 Cameras Simultaneously
    • The total amount of camera views is dependant upon which card is being used)
      • Any camera image can be called up to be displayed as live video.
      • Access camera via mouse and keyboard to make selection.
      • Up to 16 images can be displayed at one time on one screen, and each can be expanded  to full screen view.
  • Image Export and Printing
    • Image recording in JPEG format. Video recording in AVI format.
  • Motion Detection
    • Video motion detection with masking preserves drive space and provides alarm condition for file storage
  • Storage Rate
    • 100-250 Mb per hour of action depending on: Color / B&W, Compression Rate, Amount of Action

  • This product is prohibited from illegal activities.
  • Our company shall not be responsible for any consequences from any illegal conduct by the users of this product.

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