Elyssa / Closed Circuit Television Products

"Turn a computer into a full featured digital video security system"

Replace outdated time lapse recorders with state of the art digital computer storage.
Digital recording on a computer hard drive.

Model EDV-416HS
Digital Video 4-16 Channel High Speed Digital Recording Card

New High Speed Digital Video Multiplex Recorder

"Real-Time Recording From 4 Cameras,
7.5 fps Time Lapse From Up To 16 Cameras"

New DigiVue High Speed brings the ease and convenience of digital storage and management with real-time capability to video observation. Four, nine, and sixteen channel configuration with remote monitoring capability provide flexibility and permit tailoring of the system to the particular needs of the customer. Recording with a fully utilized system, at best quality, with color images will use 1Gb per hour of action.  Many other configurations are possible and require less recording time.

Recommended System Requirements:
Pentium III/550 or above, 128M RAM or above, & 32M AGP video card or above. 

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium II/266 or above, 64M RAM or above, & 8M video card or above. Key Benefits

  • Storage Rate: Approx. 1 Gb Per Hour Continuous Action
  • All Features of the Standard DigiVue Plus 120fps Capacity
  • Use as a 4 channel card
    • 120 fps ÷ 4 Cameras = 4 inputs @ approx. 30 fps per input
  • Use as a 9 channel card
    • 120 fps ÷ 9 Cameras = 9 inputs @ approx. 13 fps per input
  • Use as a 16 channel card
    • 120 fps ÷ 16 Cameras = 16 inputs @ approx. 7.5 fps per input

  • This product is prohibited from illegal activities.
  • Our company shall not be responsible for any consequences from any illegal conduct by the users of this product.

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