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"Turn a computer into a full featured digital video security system"

Replace outdated time lapse recorders with state of the art digital computer storage.
Digital recording on a computer hard drive.

Model EDV-4AV
New Enhanced MPEG4 Digital Audio/Video Recorder

  • 4-Channel Real-Time Video With Audio
  • Up To 16 Channels Of Video With 16 Channels Of Audio (With 4 Cards Installed)

New DigiVue A/V brings the ease and convenience of digital storage and management with high resolution, real-time capability to video observation. Four, nine, and sixteen channel single or multiple card configurations with remote monitoring capability provide flexibility and permit tailoring of the system to the particular needs of the customer. Recording will utilize approximately 1Gb per day, per camera.

  • 120 fps / 4 cameras = 4 inputs @ 30fps per input per card.
  • Stackable up to 4 cards for a total of 16 cameras @ 480 fps all at real-time 30fps with synchronized audio
    • Important Notice: At this time it is possible to install 2 DigiVue EDV-4AV boards in computers using Windows XP or Win 2000:  You can install 1 to 4 boards in computers using Windows 98 or Windows ME.  We recommend a good quality motherboard with 5 or 6 PCI slots and a necessary AGP slot available when choosing a computer configuration.

Recommended System Requirements:
Pentium IV/2.4G, 512M RAM, 64M AGP Video Card

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium IV/1.8G, 256M RAM, 32M AGP Video Card

Key Benefits:

  • Storage Rate: 1 Gb Per Camera Per Day
  • Supports Real - Time Internet Monitoring
  • 4 Synchronized Mono Audio Channels Per Card (Up to 16 Per System), Or 1 Channel Stereo
  • Non-Editable, Non-Replaceable Time/Date Watermarking
  • Remote, Scheduled, and Emergency Recording Capability
  • Special MPEG4 Format - Frame Size: .1~2.5K, 1200hr~4000hr / 80Gb

  • This product is prohibited from illegal activities.
  • Our company shall not be responsible for any consequences from any illegal conduct by the users of this product.

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