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Model: 40180
Price: $79.99
Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit
Heavy duty kit with audible tone easily identifies wires or cables
  • Insulated inductive probe tip prevents shorting conductors
  • Tests include wire trace, continuity test, clear/busy/ringing line test and tip/ring identification
  • Alligator clips for non-terminated cables and modular connectors for direct connections to telephone and internet wiring
  • Selectable continuous or variable tone generation
  • Built-in speaker on probe with sensitivity control

Extech 40180 Data Sheet (pdf 53kb)


Model: TG30
Price: $55.99
Wire Tracer/Tone Generator Kit
Trace communications and coaxial cables
  • Non-Contact probe audibly identifies selected wire or cable
  • Easily trace wires from source to termination
  • Adjustable sensitivity control improves wire
    identification and eliminates false detection
  • Continuity test with audible and visible indication

Extech TG30 Data Sheet (pdf 60kb)


Model: CT100
Price: $29.99
Network Cable Tester
Continuity Tester for twisted pair cables
and F Type coaxial cables
Twisted Pair Features
  • Tests for shorts, opens, miswires and reversals
  • Tests EIA/TIA568A and 568B and 10Base-T
  • Shield detection tests shield integrity
  • Tests installed wiring and jumper cables
CATV Features
  • “F” connector for troubleshooting CATV coaxial installations
  • Tests for opens and shorts
  • Tests cable lengths from 3 to 600ft (0.9 to 183m)

Extech CT100 Data Sheet (pdf 41kb)


  • Autoranging ground resistance measurements from 0.03Ω to 1500Ω with 0.02Ω resolution
  • AC Leakage current range of 0.2mA to 15.00A
  • 0.9" (23mm) Jaw size for large ground rods
  • Simplifies ground resistance measurements
    on multiple point ground systems
  • Verification resistors confirm accuracy of meter

Extech 382152 Data Sheet (pdf 32kb)


Model: LS320ST
Price: $1205.00
Laser Light Sources
Economical LED or Laser light sources provide high stability
  • Temperature compensated laser light sources with
    1310nm or 1550nm output supply -10dBm of stable optical power into single mode fiber
  • Provide 50dB measurement range when used
    with FiberMeter or MicroMeter
  • Single battery provides over 60 hours of operation
  • Rugged, splash proof case
  • Single switch operation

Extech Dual Laser Data Sheet (pdf 62kb)

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