Punchdown Tools
  • Use to terminate and trim wires in 66 and 110 style cross connect blocks.
  • Use to terminate and trim wires in 110 & 630 style wall jack modules.

The primary tool for all telecom and data-communications installers. Simultaneously seats and trims wire in 110 and 66 style cross connects. Spring loaded for fast, low effort wire seating and termination. Bayonet style blade retention mechanism is compatible with tools and blades manufactured by Harris, Ideal and others. Color coded yellow on the cut side of the tool conforms to the industry standard. Adjustable low and high impact force settings. Spare blade storage compartment in the handle.

13000C $28.48 Punchdown Impact Tool
13005C $39.10 Punchdown Impact Tool with 66 Style Blade
13006C $39.10 Punchdown Impact Tool with 110 Style Blade
13007C $49.30 Punchdown Impact Tool with 66 & 110 Style Blades
    Replacement Blades
13001C $11.86 66 Style Punchdown Blade
13002C $11.86 110 Style Punchdown Blade
13003C $11.86 630 Style Punchdown Blade

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