Coax Clarifier™ Tester

Platinum Tools - Coax Clarifier™

Made in USA

Platinum Tools - Coax Clarifier™ Remotes


Coax Run Mapping
Maps runs through splitters to show an accurate picture of the coax system layout using up to 4 Coax RF Remotes. Up to 12 ID Only Coax Remotes are also available for wiremapping on home runs.

Cable Length
Determines cable run length and reports the location of an open or unterminated cable.

Quality of Network
Measures overall network quality and clearly depicts network reading as both a bar graph and a ditital return loss number, measured in dB.

Tone Tracing
Traces coas runswith four unique tones to quickly distinguish between respective outlets.

Platinum Tools - Coax Clarifier™ Maping Example
TCA004 Cable Assembly, Screw-On F-Jack to Push-On F-Plug Cable - 12"
TCR001 # 1 Coax RF Remote
TCR002 # 2 Coax RF Remote
TCR003 # 3 Coax RF Remote
TCR004 # 4 Coax RF Remote
TRK104 # 1-4 ID Only Coax Remote Set in Foam Holder
TRK112 # 1-12 ID Only Coax Remote Set in Foam Holder
4007 Hanging Pouch
18303 Adapter, F-Jack to BNC Jack
18304 Adapter, F–Jack to Push-On plug
18301 F-Connector Coupler, F81
18309 F-Terminator Plug

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