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Manual Downloads

Instruction Manual

pdf (109kB)

Manual MK160
pdf (421kB



Model Number: MK160 (Kit)
Remote Control via GSM Mobile Phone
Only $12.76 each


  • Turn equipment ON and OFF from a random place via your cellular phone
  • Applications: turn on the lights or the heating, open your gate, control animal feeders, make believe you are at home, activate a car alarm, etc
  • Ring detection circuit avoids phone charges
  • No need to open or modify your cellular or connect it with other devices
  • Compatible with most cellular phones


  • Dual operation mode: toggle ON/OFF or ON with auto turn-off timer
  • Timer settings: 0.5s, 2s, 30s, 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min and 1 hour
  • NO/NC 3A relay output · power supply: 12VDC / 100mA
  • Dimensions: 101 x 42 x 23mm (4.0" x 1.7" x 0.9")

Model Number: PCS10
4-Channel Recorder / Logger
Only $84.30 each

Kit Model Number: K8047
4-Channel Recorder / Logger Kit
Only $49.95 each


  • Record DC signals or slow-moving signals over very long periods
  • The measurements are automatically stored on your hard disk for further processing
  • Thanks to the USB connection no power supply is necessary and installation is easy and straightforward
    signals are instantly displayed on the PC screen using an analogue or DVM display
  • USB cable included
  • PC-LAB2000 Software included
  • Also available in kit version: K8047

Manual Download

User Manual PCS10
pdf (315kB)










  • Hardware:
    • USB connected and powered
    • Four DC-coupled input channels
    • Input resistance: 1Mohm
    • Maximum samples per second: 100
    • Four input ranges: 3V / 6V / 15V and 30V
    • Sensitivity: 10mV
    • Accuracy: ±3% of full scale
    • Maximum input: 30Vdc
    • Power and recording/diagnostic LED
  • Software
    • Analogue trace or DVM readout
    • 4 channels record simultaneously
    • Minimum / maximum sample hold function for DVM
    • From 1 sec to 1000 sec per division
    • Storage and recall of screens (full colour) or data
    • Automatic recording option for long recordings
    • On screen markers for time and voltage
    • DLL included for your own developments
  • System requirements:
    • PC, running Win98SE or higher (does not work on WinNT or Win95)
    • Free USB port
    • Mouse
    • CD-ROM player

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